Jan 11, 2010

Not conviced that learning Latin is useful?


Find relatives and practice your Latin language skills...

No just kidding...:-)))

We all have our different reasons for learning a new language. Mine, especially a language like Latin is so that I can better understand the language of my ancestors who, by far a large, spoke (and speak) one variation or other of Latin.

Personally I embarked my family history and genealogy research after a friend of mine managed to do most of his work (with the help of many, many relatives, of course) mostly over the Internet.There are many sites out there today that can help you invite, get in touch and even find long-lost relatives.Also, some of these sites present you with the opportunity of sharing information as well as gathering it for all your family to see and participate in the building of your family tree.Most of the platforms offers family tree templates which are pretty much intuitive a pleasure to work with.

As it happens in community based sites like these (I will give you a complete list of those with annotation on my next post) you can find a great and helpful community and forums where you can take your genealogical skills to the next level.